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We make that learning available to our clients and as a result have facilitated innovative outcomes in many different industry sectors.

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Knowledge Bases

Concentrate on the Stars
Professional services leaders have a basic choice when it comes to the development of their sales force:

Health Sector Reform Part 2: Primary Care and Wellbeing
John Menadue argues "...Too often in primary care, as well as in hospitals, we have an organisational bias towards illness rather than wellness - treating sickness rather than keeping people healthy.

Message from the Future
If nanobots and skycars sound more like sci-fi than a sane view of the future, then you may need to reprogram your mindset. A trio of disruptive technologies will converge over the next five to 15 years to overtake our incumbent systems

The Demographic Deficit: How aging will reduce global wealth
McKinsey March 2005: To fill the coming gap in global savings and financial wealth, households and governments will need to increase their savings rates and earn higher returns on the assets they already have.
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Transforming Sales and Service
For business-to-business suppliers, the traditional competitive advantages, based on superior products and relationships, are under pressure.
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Weekend R&R
After all the hassle of the week why not relax over the BBQ. This site is as good as we've found...

What the Devil is a
Of all the business jargon being bantered around these days, probably none is more popular (or troublesome) than the term “solution.”