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What's New in Our Resource Library

  • Message from the Future - If nanobots and skycars sound more like sci-fi than a sane view of the future, then you may need to reprogram your mindset. A trio of disruptive technologies will converge over the next five to 15 years to overtake our incumbent systems

  • The Demographic Deficit: How aging will reduce global wealth - McKinsey March 2005: To fill the coming gap in global savings and financial wealth, households and governments will need to increase their savings rates and earn higher returns on the assets they already have.

  • Transforming Sales and Service - For business-to-business suppliers, the traditional competitive advantages, based on superior products and relationships, are under pressure.

  • Weekend R&R - After all the hassle of the week why not relax over the BBQ. This site is as good as we've found...

The Kadmos Story

Kadmos was the King in ancient Greece who founded the city of Thebes. He was the designer of the Greek alphabet and the first known human to document the process of problem solving.

Kadmos Group has no ambition to re-design an alphabet but our mission is to successfully apply the systems approach to organisational direction setting, problem solving and development with a portfolio of clients who become more successful as a result of our association.

"Innovative approaches to capturing emerging opportunities"

"Systematic organisational problem solving"

"Alignment of direction with governance and leadership processes"

"Practical and realistic outcomes"